Hey New Yorkers: Check Out the Dead Sextons

One of the very few frustrations of not living in New York any longer is missing out on the new music/performance pursuits that my friends are up to. 

Case in point — The Dead Sextons…  Joe Sullivan on sax.

Here's how Shadowtimenyc recently described the band:

“Saw this strange, swampy band before The Hunt played a few weeks back. The Dead Sextons incorporate the croon of Nick Cave, the existential sleaze of Tom Waits, and the undead Elvis rockabilly quiver of the Cramps all steeped in the Delta blues. Not too hot on the outfits and the MySpace tracks aren’t as down and dirty as most of the stuff I heard live, but I gotta give the singer props for incorporating blood into the set. All I can say is I’m determined to find out more…”

He's not kidding about the Nick Cave influence — a video I saw of the band recently made me think of Cave's appearance in Wings of Desire.  Speaking of videos…

The genesis of the band's name is pretty entertaining.  A "sexton," I recently learned, is the cemetery attendant responsible for making sure the bodies get buried and the graves are looked after.  Which leads us to the conundrum: Who buries and watches over the grave of the dead sexton?  An existential question fit for a rock 'n' roll band, my friends.  I hope you'll go hear them at earliest convenience.

LINK: [The Dead Sextons]    

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