Talepop Loop Hike in Malibu Creek State Park

For best results, I recommend you try the Talepop Loop very early in the morning.  On the hike we took last November, the dawn marine layer lent the park a mysterious, almost otherworldly air that's simply not possible after 9 AM.  Arriving early also ensure a reasonable street parking spot at the trail head. The scenery and vistas are not overwhelming, but there's no shortage of pretty scenery. This video embed gives a decent idea of the terrain and difficulty level (which is not too hard…)   

Here are a few snapshots from our Talepop hike:

Talepop Loop Hike 110709 011

Up above some of the marine layer…

Talepop Loop Hike 110709 012

Going down the loop's most significant descent…

For parking and direction info, visit the Local Hikes Talepop page.