Reading Material 5/12: Planes, Pointless Online Contests, and Photos of Barbecue

  1. First of all, I'm enjoying the new "Eye on L.A. Aviation" blog.  Second of all, how does a 747 "ingest a baggage cart" with 150 passengers aboard?  Wow.  [Eye on L.A. Aviation]
  2. It's nice to see Los Anjealous shares the Fake Angeleno's soft spot for pointless and/or blatantly promotional online polls, surveys and controversies.  They have a fun post up about NBC Local's "Spaceland vs. The Troubador" contest for the best local music venue recipient of the "Golden Local." [Los Anjealous]
  3. Curious as to what went on at the Los Angeles Barbecue Festival this weekend?  One local website was there.  (So was the Fake Angeleno, but he didn't take any pictures…) [Manolith]