Winnie Cooper Walks Down The Aisle

Since I haven't owned a TV in quite awhile, I haven't had a chance to develop any great TV crushes.  But there was a time — back in the 90s — when I was absolutely mashed on Jill Hennessy (in her Law & Order incarnation) and before that on "O'Connell" from Northern Exposure. 

But before either of those two, there was Winnie Cooper of the Wonder Years

Many were the times I pictured Winnie and I holding hands, discussing life and love on the way to third period at Glenwood Jr. High School.

Turns out Winnie's real name is Danica McKellar, and she's a UCLA-alum math whiz who happened to get married this past weekend. 

If you'd like to see an exclusive photo gallery of growns-up Winnie's wedding pics, (and why wouldn't you?) then my friends at Celebrity Bride Guide have you covered…

LINK [Danica Mckellar Wedding Photos — Winnie Cooper Gets Married]

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