DJ Waldie’s New Blog: An Automatic L.A. Must-Read

Suppose Borges, the blind sage of Buenos Aires, was still alive… 

He might be doing something very similar to what DJ Waldie, the lyric poet of Lakewood, is up to over at the KCET website.  Waldie's blog is a treasure trove for any Southern Californian with more than a passing interest in his or her surroundings.  The guy's reminscences, reading lists, and local political observations shouldn't be missed. 

Sure, I'm exaggerating a little with the Borges comparison, but not by much.  Waldie's book Holy Land is literature of the first rank.  And, like Borges, Waldie suffers from a sight impairment.  Waldie's also numbering his blog posts — perhaps in a nod to some arcane Borgesian classification system?

I probably need to get out more.

At any rate, here are a few of my favorite posts from Waldie thus far…