Solstice Canyon: Weekend Hiking Report

Solstice Canyon was a real winner.  We hiked 9 miles there on Sunday morning and were rewarded with waterfalls, ridge-line views, intriguing ruins, and a great workout.  Though most of the parkland was burnt in a 2007 fire, it's coming back nicely now.  As for the intriguing ruins, there's a burnt-through modernist home foundation on the trail that's somewhat mind-blowing. (The place was built in the 50s, photographed by Julius Shulman, and then burnt down in 1982 after the owner's heirs didn't bother to maintain the water-piping system built to protect the house from fire.)

Also: The Modern Hiker has a great writeup on this trail.

And: Be sure to take a right on the "Deer Valley Loop" off of the 'Sostomo Trail" — it makes for a better viewing experience and is less confusing…

Here are a few pictures:

Solstice canyon 0209 010

Solstice canyon 0209 014 



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