Atlantic Monthly: What’s Up With the Highbrow Advertorials?

We enjoy our subscription to The Atlantic, but this month we're wondering if the magazine might be a little hard up for revenue?  As Matt Yglesias points out, The Atlantic ran a 4000 luv letter to the F22 fighter by Mark Bowden this month. 

The article reads, at points, like a joint venture between the public relations departments of Lockheed Martin and the DoD.

Meanwhile, Fleishman Hillard should make a case study out of Luke O'Brien's one-pager on the merits of various home water filtration systems. 

Not only did O'Brien successfully tatoo an image of tap-water-as-estrogen-and-prozac-polluted swill into my gullible brain, he nearly had me opening my wallet to make an immediate purcahse of the Waterwise Model 4000 — a water purifying system that operates like a whiskey still. 

I dare you.  Try reading the article without immediately reaching for your credit card to shell out $399 for the Waterwise. 

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