Reading Material 1/13: Booze Blog; Walzer; Google Censorship?

  1. Has anyone else noticed the NY Times new booze blog?  With seven fairly high-profile writers contributing thus far, the Gray Lady has really committed some serious resources to the exploration of the sauce in American life.  Some of the writing is terrific, some of it not so much… (Note to Susan Cheever – I don’t know which New York you’re living in, but there was still plenty of public drunkenness in mine.)  [Proof Blog – NYT]
  2. Here’s a typically Walzerian piece from Michael Walzer about proportionality and the Gaza war. [TNR]
  3. Fun quote: “The former president of France, Jacques Chirac, was so concerned about
    American hegemony over the search-engine lens that in 2005 he worked
    with Gerhard Schröder, then chancellor of Germany, to start a European
    Union search engine. The project failed.”  Serious point: Google and YouTube can seriously impede on the free flow of ideas. [Chronicle of Higher Education via A&L Daily]