2005 Flashback: Why the 44-Year-Old Most Junior Member of the Senate Should Consider Running For President in 2008

Looking back, it's hard to believe we've come this far.

The Senate operates as both America's incubator of presidential ambitions and the retirement home of its failed candidates. The well-known curse of the Senate is that it both elevates politicians to within striking distance of the White House and burdens them with the baggage of a complicated voting record and the stench of the Beltway.

This is why Barack Obama must run for president in 2008.

Obama, you may remember, is the lanky 44-year-old from Illinois elected to the Senate last year. He is the most promising politician in America, and eventually he is going to run for president. The case for running now is not that it is the perfect moment for him to run. It's not. It is just that it may be the best chance he will ever get.

Ryan Lizza is a very smart man — no wonder the New Yorker snapped him up.