California Ballot Proposition Research

Lately, my household has been making an effort to read through the California General Election voter information guide, so as to make some informed choices about which of the 12 ballot propositions to support next month.  I'm saddened to report it's been a trying process…

Now, I'm all in favor of fostering direct citizen participation in our democracy, but after spending several hours reading through the language of the pending ballot initiatives I'm not so sure this system is such a great idea.  I'm a reasonably informed, politically conversant type of guy, and spending time trying to make sense of all the props has made me long for nothing more than to return to New York State — where Shelly Silver, Frank Bruno, and Client 9 David Patterson pretty much set the political agenda with minimal voter, or even legislator, input.

Alas, I won't be moving back to the Empire State anytime soon, so I have no choice but to soldier through my new Californian voter obligations.  If you'd care to slog through with me, I'm planning to post about a different prop almost every day between now and the election.  Your feedback, needless to say, would be much-appreciated.  Coming later today or tomorrow morning:

Proposition 1: High Speed Rail Bonds Legislative Initiative Amendment