Reading Material 8/11: L.A. as Character; High Speed Rail; Cheap Hotels; Politics and the English Language

  1. "Los Angeles as a Character is a screening that will showcase narrative,
    experimental and documentary short films and videos with the city of
    Los Angeles as a peripheral or central, theme, backdrop or character." Submissions are due October 1 and the screening is November 15 in Echo Park. [Badlit: Los Angeles as a Character]
  2. High speed rail service from L.A. to San Francisco takes a step forward, but with a big budget deficit and a crappy economy will the project ever get on track?  Evidently there's a funding measure on the ballot in November… [ForceChange]
  3. I have no idea if they actually know what they're talking about, but the over-ambitious travel blog Venere has made a list of their "Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Los Angeles" [Venere]
  4. It's several-days-old news, but Attorney General Jerry Brown's recently-upheld summary of the forthcoming proposition 8 is a gesture that George Orwell would have loved, were he still walking the Earth.  Brown has called it to everyone's attention that "We believe marriage is between a man and a woman" really means "We will deny same-sex couples the right to marry in the state of California." [California Progress Report]