Reading Material 7/8: Waits Tour; Rose Bowl Sitter; Pro Publica Hires; Tragically Hipster

  1. Esotouric has come up with another great tour concept: Crawling Down Cahuenga — Tom Waits’ Los Angeles. This new bus tour departs from The King Edward Saloon, 131 E. 5th Street, L.A. Cost is $62 per person.  For more information, visit or call 323-223-2767  [Tango Diva]
  2. Some guy is trying to sit in every seat in the Rose Bowl to raise money for his favorite charity. [MyFox]
  3. Pro Publica has snapped up two of the L.A. Times best investigative reporters in the wake of the latest round of staff cuts at the paper.  Incidentally, be sure to bookmark Pro Publica if you haven’t already.  Serious muckraking going on over there…  [Mediabuyerplanner
  4. Here’s a new, humorously named addition to the L.A. blogosphere.  Enjoy. [Tragically Hipster]