Reading Material 7/25: Babcock Trashes Town; Water Conservation; Absolut LA

1.  The New York Observer picks up on fled-to-New-York Arthur Magazine founder Jay Babcock’s L.A. bashing.  Says Babcock:  “Local media’s being run into the ground and I don’t think anybody
cares. The public’s dumbed down and poorly educated. L.A. is a psychic
death hole to me, and I don’t want a part of that. …  I didn’t see any way for Arthur to survive in L.A. We got no
financial support, none, except from poor artists. We got no support
from the Brentwood liberals who spend all day blogging on the
Huffington Post.”

L.A. a psychic death hole?  Wow.  That’s not been my experience so far…  And I hate to break it to you, sir, but the Park Slope and UWS crowd isn’t going to be much financial support to you either.  They’re all too busy anticipating George and Hilly’s next column and attending Obama meetups at them moment.   I will, however, concede that Brian Lehrer puts out a superior product to Warren Olney… [New York Observer]

2.  Could L.A. actually become the poster child for water conservation?  It could happen.  This long and interesting post explains… [Reconciliation Ecology]

3.   Absolut LA tastes like “”an all-natural symphony of blueberry, acai berry, acerola cherry, and fruity notes of pomegranate.”  I’m not even kidding — L.A. now has its own vodka flavor.  Read the entire post and enjoy the writer’s wisecracks at other cities’ expense.  [Alcademics]

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