The Neon Bus … Is Calling Us

This weekend only, Kevin Roderick and LA Observed are offering up the chance to ride around downtown in a double decker bus and hurl "greetings" to the street-bound creatures below.  What's more, you won't even have to drive through Times Square or Turtle Bay to get to the really good parts!  All this and more can be yours when you saddle up for this Saturday's LA Observed "neon cruise," in conjunction with the Museum of Neon Art.  Here's the lowdown:

Our bi-annual (or so) LA Observed neon cruise pulls out of the Museum
of Neon Art downtown this Saturday evening. Urban anthropologist Eric
Lynxwiler serves as our hilarious guide, narrating the L.A. skyline
with a little history and hurling greetings at the curious tourists and
street life below. It's a great way to explore the city, and always a
lot of fun. I hear a KPCC reporter might be coming along this time. The
best way to grab your seat is to contact MONA directly and tell them
you're with LA Observed. Website or (310) 489-9918.

A KPCC reporter?  You mean John Rabe or Queena Kim might be coming to do an Off-Ramp interview and I'm going to miss it?  Unfortunately, I can't make this event thanks to a long-held prior commitment, but I hope some F.A. readers will take advantage of this one in my absence.   

LINK: [LAO: Still Time to Get on the Bus]