Reading Material 6/17: Patti Solis D’Oh!; Gas Price Protest; John Salley Sighting

  1. Obama picking Patti Solis Doyle as "chief of staff to the vice presidential nominee" … There's got to be a Daniels vs. Rawls Wire analogy in here somewhere…
    LINK: [Clinton Bundler on Obama's Doyle Pick: The Biggest 'Fuck You' Ever]
  2. The Kiss My Gass movement is protesting once a month here in L.A. against high gas prices, congress and foreign oil dependence. [Jasmyne Cannick]
  3. There are two kinds of people.  Those who grin uncontrollably at a blog post about a "John Salley Sighting" and those who have no clue who John Salley is.  It's fine either way, really. [Los Angeles Nomad]