Reading Material: 6/13

  1. Under a "no show" policy enacted May 1, Los Angeles fire fighters with tattoos are now obliged to cover their ink with long sleeve shirts or bandages.  Some military veterans in the department are pretty pissed off.  (Understandably, imho.) [LA Weekly]
  2. Culver City has a huge pool on Overland past Culver.  You can swim laps there for $3. [Culver City Plunge]
  3. Fishbowl LA directs us to a side-splittingly funny local news outtake. The best way I can describe it is The Wire's Clay Davis meets The Simpsons' Kent Brackman to hilarious effect. [Fishbowl LA]
  4. I've yet to visit Northeast L.A., but when I do I'll be sure to check out the new fair trade coffee shop going in next to Johnny's Bar on York Ave. [Eating LA]