John McCain Nope! Newscorpse T-Shirts Wink, Nod, and Grimace to Obey

I first saw the John McCain Nope! design on the cash register at the Venice Grind — another coffee shop in my weekly office space rotation.  Nope! is a brilliant idea, basically pulling McCain’s aged mug onto Shepard Fairey’s dramatic Barack Obama “Hope” poster design and changing one letter of the text.   We can thank media criticism website Newscorpse for this inspired bit of mimicry. 


I’m not sure if Newscorpse has Fairey’s blessing or not, but they’re heavily marketing the Nope! design on their website.  T-Shirts are available and I think I might order one, if only to have an instant conversation starter at any local coffee shop.  Speaking of which, I’ll do a mini-review of Venice Grind later this week since I’ve mentioned them above…

LINK [John Mcain Nope! at Newscorpse]