ALOUD at the Central Libray Downtown

Fake Angeleno reader Mary P. dropped us a line this week, with a cultural opportunity that sounds really great.  Wrote Mary:

An email announcement for the next ALOUD programs at
the Central Library just arrived and it caused me to wonder if you guys
are familiar with this series? In the off chance you are not, it’s well
worth getting on the mailing list.

ALOUD is an ongoing series of lectures, readings, performances, etc by leading authors and artists, fiction and non. And its free. Most recently we’ve seen Roz Chwast and Maira Kalman. Michael Chabon, Calvin
Trillen and Christopher Hitchens are among those we missed because I
(like a lame-o) wait for the email announcements and by then the
programs are full.

Anyway, its a good cheap excuse to go downtown.

Upcoming ALOUD events include LAT war photographer Rick Loomis and a discussion with public defender Steven T. Wax, who’s done a lot of work with defendants caught up in the wide-ranging counter-terrorism dragnet of the last seven years. I’m really looking forward to checking this series out.

LINK: [ALOUD at the CPL]