Dmitri Nabokov Will Publish – Not Burn – ‘The Original of Laura’

This just in from the New York Times: Vladimir Nabokov’s son, despite his father’s dying wish to the contrary, will publish Nabokov’s last literary effort: a work in eternally interrupted progress called ‘The Original of Laura.’  You may remember my post on the Nabaokov ‘Laura’ controversy from a few months ago.  To make a long story short: Vlad wanted Dmitri to burn the manuscript and notecards for ‘Laura’…  But … despite having recently reached 70 years of age, Dmitri had still not burned the material.  Conveniently, a recent essay/cry for help from Nabokovaphilliac Ron Rosenbaum calling for Dmitri to make a decision one way or the other had caused a worldwide literary tempest.  (Such as tempests are in the literary world teapot…)

No word yet from Rosenbaum.  Dmitri, meanwhile, is acting his usual droll self:  Take this excerpt from his interview with the NYT…

How do you respond to those who suspect a financial motivation?

It’s true that my wheelchair requires some costly modifications to fit into the trunk of a Maserati coupe.

I highly suggest reading the entire interview with Dmitri.