Hemingway’s Shotgun

I’ve been meaning to give Rodger Jacobs’ new Hemingway’s Shotgun website a shout for quite awhile, and since the sun is shining today both here and in Ketchum, Idaho, I suppose now is as good a time as any.  Jacobs, as die-hard F.A. readers might recall, is the prolific quick-hit-fiction blogger behind the highly-entertaining Carver’s Dog.  Now, Jacobs bring us Hemingway’s Shotgun — a collaborative online magazine devoted to poetry of a literary bent.  Normally, describing a website this way would be enough to have me reaching for the gun case to do in the proprietor of such a website, followed shortly thereafter by myself.   Jacob’s is smart and funny though.  And so are his friends who’ve been  posting on the new site.  Also: I think I can take just a smidgen of credit here for the site’s namesake: See this post about Carver’s Dog from last month…  Rodger — if I’m overstepping here, I trust you to slap me down in the comment box.  With that, here’s a bit more on  what the Hemingway’s Shotgun is all about.   

Hemingway’s Shotgun is an online magazine devoted to all manner of
poetic verse but with a particular emphasis on poetry on the topic of
literature, books, and reading.

Send us your poetry today. We’re not particular. Iambic pentameter?
Cool. Sonnets? Sure, why not? Haiku and haiku sonnets? Absolutely.
Anything that displays the art of rythmical composition and speaks to
the subject of literature will be considered. And of course all authors
retain their copyright(s). Include a two-line bio.

What we’re doing is community building and exposing good craft with
verse. Which is another way of saying that there is no compensation.

All works appearing at Hemingway’s Shotgun are selected and edited by Rodger Jacobs.

Send your submissions to rodger_jacobs at yahoo dot com

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