Handsome Furs Show Saturday

So the Fake Angeleno has been working hard this week — sorry for the light posting.  To that end, we’re doing something fun tomorrow night and heading to the Troubadour to see a show.  Besides seeing Au Revoir Simone three months ago and hearing Mose Allison at the Jazz Bakery on Valentines day, we really haven’t heard much music since we came to town nearly four months ago. 

The band tomorrow night is called The Handsome Furs. (Pictured at left)  I know nothing about them except they played a show in NYC recently with Spoon — a household favorite.  Google along with me friends, and let’s see what my friend Jocelyn’s magazine says about the band. Ah, seems they’re a husband and wife Canadian team with a melancholy bent.  Perfect. 

Full report next week…