Environmentalism in an Urban Context: 93.9 on your NYC FM Dial

For the past several years, my good friend Amanda Park Taylor (Diamond) has been writing a regular column in the L Magazine called The Conscientious Objector.  The column was high-quality when it started out, but for the last year or so, Amanda has really dropped it into another gear by focusing on environmental issues.  Her column gets better with every issue, and people are starting to take notice. 

Here in Los Angeles, the blogger Green L.A. Girl has parlayed her writings on environmentalism into a featured environmental blog on the L.A. Times website.   She’s good, but The Conscientious Objector goes deeper — with a more refined prose style.  And by "refined prose style" I mean something like "M.F.K. Fisher meets Jane Jacobs."  Here’s a sample column from Amanda on an environmentally friendly gift guide.

Here’s a memo to the New York dailies: You would be smart to snap up the Conscientious Objector soon as a blogger or columnist.   People are taking notice: Amanda was on ABC’s local NYC affiliate recently, and tomorrow she’ll be appearing on the Brian Lehrer show to talk about environmentalism in an urban context. She’ll be on Lehrer sometime after 10:30 AM Eastern, April 22.  If you miss it, be sure to download the podcast at the Brian Lehrer website.  I’ll post a link tomorrow when it becomes available. 

Since the L still doesn’t have an optimal  online archives solution, (C’mon fellas…) here’s a link to Google’s cache of Amanda’s Conscientious Objector columns.