Carver’s Dog

I just came across a fun local blog, Carver’s Dog.  Seems it’s maintained by a fella out in Glendale with a background in journalism and documentaries.  The blog, most recently anyways, focuses on quick-hit, fun fiction and assorted book talk.  The latest entry is a Bukowski spoof involving Woody Woodpecker.  Some example prose:

“Damn, that shit is cold,” Bukowski complained as he popped open the
can of Schlitz. He had acquired a fondness for lukewarm beer, six-packs
consumed straight from the paper bag while propped up in bed
in flea-bitten residential hotels and rooming houses. But the
writer’s current digs, a cozy stucco bungalow on DeLongpre in
Hollywood, had a decent icebox that chilled his beer to an almost
unacceptable level of frigidity.

I think you New York readers might like this guy as well. 

I also enjoy the name of the blog, "Carver’s Dog."  Need a surefire naming convention for any sort of best-selling novel or most-emailed article title?  Take a well known celebrity’s name and make it possess something:  "Flaubert’s Parrot,"  "Einstein’s Dreams," "Lincoln’s Melancholy," "Schroedinger’s Cat" … you literally can’t lose! 

It’s also a fun parlor game for use at the bar with your literary friends.  Who can be the most outrageous?  Go on… try it!

Fitzgerald’s Tumbler

Milton’s Optometrist

Larkin’s Hemorrhoid

Hemingway’s Gun Case

Washington’s Dentures

Roosevelt’s Wheel Chair

Dororthy Parker’s Alcoholic First Husband

Schumpeter’s Gangrene: Creative Destruction Breaks a Leg

And that’s just off the top of my head!  Comments with more possessive fun are highly encouraged.  And, seriously folks, Carver’s Dog is worth a visit.