Sunday Death Hag Itinerary

I just got a note from my friend Kevin about an interesting event this weekend.  It looks like Scott Michaels, the mad genius behind and Dearly Departed Tours has put together a "Death Hag" Sunday afternoon extravaganza.  Details below:

Regarding the Death Hag event in LA – well not really an event – a hangout – lets hit up the Hollywood History Museum this Sunday March 2, around 2pm.  I love this place, and don’t visit it enough.  Keep in mind, the LA Marathon is this weekend, there should be not a lot of traffic, park at Hollywood and Highland.

Then, some or all of us can hop on the subway to Union Station – and saunter over to Phillippes for lunch. I’m vaguely figuring around 5pm.

Then some or all of us can take our full bellies over to the HMS Bounty
for cocktails.  Probably 6:30 ish.

I hadn’t seen Scott Michael’s websites before Kevin recommend them, but they’re definitely worth a look.  Very entertaining!  (Especially for those morbidly fascinated by the last moments and final resting places of the stars)  I’m a bit of a grave site hound myself, so Findadeath has gone straight to my bookmark list.   Unfortunately I can’t make it to the meetup this Sunday because we’re still neck-deep in an apartment search, but I hope to meet up with Michaels and co. sometime soon.