Eating L.A.

Scrolling through L.A. Cityfeeds this morning, I came across the excellent food and restaurant blog Eating L.A. 

They’d written a post this morning about some popular restaurant (LaMill I believe it was) being declared overrated — perhaps unjustly by the L.A. Times in its new underrated/overrated feature.

Evidently the Times also declared Nic Harcourt overrated last week.  Maybe it’s just my newbie status, but I really like that Australian fellow — plays the new music and all.  I mean, he’s not enough to make me forget Brian Lehrer, but still…

So what I’m trying to say is if you don’t know Eating L.A., they’re certainly worth bookmarking.  They’ve got a helpful index of restaurants and bars they’ve reviewed, and the blog looks to be updated quite frequently. 

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