Native New Yorker Touts California

Thanks to Keith Connes for leaving a great comment  on my  "Too Dumb for NYC; Too Ugly For L.A." post today.  As I responded to Keith in the comments section, I hope I’m not coming across as a complete New York snob in this blog.  I’m feeling great about living in L.A., and any New York propaganda written by me is at least 51 percent tongue-in-bagel-in-cheek…  Here’s the comment:

I found myself at this site courtesy of the NY-based Dorothy Parker
Society newsletter. I was born in NYC and spent most of my young and
adult life in the city and its environs. I have been living in
California since 1975, starting with the L.A. area, then moving around
the state and finally settling in Goleta, next to Santa Barbara. So
much for the story of my life, as background to my comment. The
snobbery of New Yorkers to "have to" move to (ugh!) Los Angeles is
about as shallow and meaningless as the snobbery of sports fans
enthusing about "their" teams. Los Angeles is populated probably by
more ex-New Yorkers than native Californians, so if you’re looking for
people with the so-called urbane sophistication of New Yorkers, you’re
bumping into them every day, while enjoying the relatively superb
California weather and comparative, though imperfect, freedom of
movement and personal safety. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Try to
enjoy your captivity in California, and if you can afford it, move to
Santa Barbara.

32 years living in California after growing up in NYC… That’s quite an endorsement.  And speaking of Ex-New Yorker Californians, I’ve already floated the idea to Keith of an L.A. Dorothy Parker Society meetup even though I’ve never met the guy.  Any friend of Mrs. Parker’s society is a friend of mine.  Maybe we could even do a breakfast at my favorite spot in the Santa Barbara area: The Cold Spring Tavern…   

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