Great Volunteering Opportunity For New Yorkers Tomorrow Night

Speaking of the Dorothy Parker Society, this year it’s going in a bit of different direction.  Before the drinking starts, folks are going to be volunteering as mentors to midtown grade school kids.  This is a nod to Mrs. Parker’s lifelong commitment to social justice.  (Did you know she left her entire estate — including posthumous royalties — to the NAACP?) Below, you can see the blog post from DPS President Kevin Fitzpatrick detailing the mentoring program.  Looks like it’ll be happening the second Tuesday of every month.  Jessica and I had planned on doing this before we decided to move, and we can highly recommend it.  Kevin’s been volunteering for several years and loves the work.  He even took one of his mentees to his first Yankee game.  Please consider showing up tomorrow!

New Community Service Project Begins in 2008

Dorothy Parker Society is taking part in a community service project
that helps New York City schoolchildren. It begins Tuesday, January 8.
If you want to participate, contact Kevin Fitzpatrick, president of the DPS. The program is with the Police Athletic League at the Duncan Center.
The first meeting will be begin on Tuesday, Jan. 8. It is 6-7:30.
Directions to the center are below. We are calling the program Second
Tuesday. Going by the public school calendar, and we can meet:

*Jan. 8
*Feb. 12
*March 11
*April 8
*May 13
*June 10

program is for kids first grade through fifth grade. Some of them, even
in the fourth grade, read on a first grade level. The center has an
education director who will match you up with a child, one on one. The
center does have reading material, but if you want to bring your own
books or materials, that is fine.

We have about a half dozen
who are coming from the Parker Society, which I think is a great start.
We can of course go out for a drink afterwards. If you want to invite a
friend to come with you, please do.

PLEASE RSVP to me if you want to participate.


The center is located at 552 West 52nd Street, between 10th and 11th Aves (closer to 11th).