Alec Baldwin: Muckraker (No, Really)

So I just clicked on a Huff Po widget touting a post by Alec Baldwin on "The Ascendancy of Barack Obama in Small Town America." (A blogging Baldwin, I thought, is something not to be missed.)  The post begins:

HeadshotFor those of you wondering  how the Obama ascendancy is playing out in Small Town America, I offer you this column from the Independent,
a weekly newspaper published on the East End of Long Island by Jerry
Della Femina, the former advertising executive turned restaurateur and
columnist. This particular piece was written by Rick Murphy under his
weekly "Low Tidings" column. Murphy is also credited as a publisher of
the Independent.

Immediately, I began cracking up.  The Hamptons as small town America!  I love the Huff Po!  But then I read on and discovered Baldwin has actually outed a big-time bigot posing as a small newspaper publisher. 

You have to read Rick Murphy’s column to actually believe how disgusting it is. (No, Really.)

Nice work, Alec.  Now about those Glengarry leads…